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Dima Fakhoury


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Dima Fakhoury is a well-established broker in the Durham Region and surrounding areas. She has been a realtor since 2008 and an avid real estate investor since 2005. Her passion to her career has placed her among the top 1% realtors nationwide within the Century 21 system. She comes with a trusted reputation in the Durham Region and is highly recommended with 100's of 5 star reviews. She has hosted many seminars on real estate and continues to educate the public through many channels including social media, webinars and other events. Not only is she dedicated to her career, her family as well. Raising 4 kids remains her priority. Thanks to her supportive husband Nabil who is her main cheerleader. Dima holds a Bachelors of Arts (Hons) Psychology form York University and a Business Management Diploma from Humber College. With all her education and work experience, Dima continues to break records in her industry for outstanding results.

Nabil Fakhoury

Sales Representative

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With a proven track record of continual success, Nabil has achieved esteemed recognition in the Real Estate Industry. He's been a full time realtor since 2014 and a keen investor since 2005. Nabil's professional service, detailed knowledge of Durham's market, and strong real estate marketing skills get his clients the best outcome possible. He has achieved numerous outstanding awards within the Century 21 System. When not spending time with his family, Nabil is constantly looking for ways to develop, not only as a business man but as an individual thanks for the support of his loving wife Dima. Nabil holds a Bachelors of Arts (Hons) Information Technology from York University and a Bachelors of Arts in Business Administration from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Together with his intense knowledge of real estate, IT and entrepreneurship, he can confidently get his clients the best results from start to finish.

More Professionals for The Price Of One

Between Dima and Nabil, the Fakhoury Real Estate Team has a wealth of expertise and knowledge on navigating the home selling and buying process. We're there every step of the way to answer your questions and help you achieve the most profitable outcome possible.

Moreover, our support system is equipped with outstanding staff members that are available to complete all the "behind the scenes" administration that is necessary to complete a successful transaction. As a team, we have evolved to meet the needs of the modern home seller and buyer, who's expectations are high and the results are expected to be top-notch.

"We treat every single transaction the same; one transaction will never take priority over another. With 100% commitment, each purchase or sale receives an adequate and equal amount of attention. This poses as a disadvantage for individual agents who must wear many hats, they need to be available for last minute showing requests, juggle between multiple clients, have advanced web marketing skills, they should be a capable copywriter, negotiator, organized and diligent – considerate and creative... Agents are called on to manage complex transactions and it's rare when one individual is capable of checking every box. With a team behind you, you will be accommodated with last minute showing requests, open houses, prompt offer submissions and negotiations, instant support and access. What's more, is the benefit of reaching interested agents or potential buyers through multiple channels and real estate professionals versus just one."

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We take great pride in delivering a high level of service to our clients that not only meets their expectations but exceeds those expectations.

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